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Herbal Remedies for Depression and Anxiety

stres, pusing, depresi, cara mengatasi stres, stress, dizziness, depression, how to cope with stressStress is astate of soul of the most popular in this century. Try to recall how many people you meet say they are experiencing stress or probably you're experiencing?
Stress is not a disease, but if you can not handle it in a certain time, you will be exposed to many health problems.

Previously I would say a few key things that can cause stress in the workplace:

Friends of work that has always bothered
  1. Lack of planning work
  2. The working conditions are always under pressure
  3. Unclear tasks assigned
  4. A very high demand items
  5. The existence of threat among employees
  6. Shouts and curses of the consumer
  7. Physical discomfort, such as a noisy engine sound, etc. less ventilation.
  8. And worst of all, the lack of improvement to overcome the problems above.

These things can cause physical and mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, nervous, unable to focus for long periods and prolonged fatigue.
If there are things above that you feel .... hmmm, I think you should immediately change your daily activities both at work and in your life as a whole.

Here are 9 tips to overcome stress in the workplace:

  1. Plan your activities well: what, why, how, when and who is responsible for these tasks. It is important to plan not only long term but also short-term (monthly plans, daily plans).
  2. Surely you in the past have had problems in the workplace. Try to remember again is there any ways that you can use to solve problems you face today.
  3. Come build a pleasant working climate, that is by being open and communicating with fellow colleagues.
  4. Make sure you understand the duties and responsibilities towards you, and do not hesitate to ask.
  5. Do this several times a break for a few minutes while you work. Relax and DO NOT DO ANY. Take a deep breath.
  6. Have the attitude of tolerance towards fellow colleagues. Remember that each person is unique, for example: some people actually perform better under pressure while others require more time to finish the job.
  7. Delegate some of your responsibilities to your subordinates.
  8. Keep your team spirit, for example by conducting small celebrations, sports or recreation together.
  9. Provide a good working environment. Minimize distractions such as noise, ventilation, light and temperature.

Besides the stress in the workplace, in life in general we can experience stress for several reasons.

Here are 8 tips to overcome stress in life:

  1. Do pemijitan body (body massage), because pemijitan great for relaxation and blood pressure penormalan. After pemijitan, you will experience improved sleep quality which of course would be better to restore your fatigue.
  2. Exercising regularly is very important in combating stress. Exercising will mobilize our muscles, speeding the flow of blood and open up the lungs for more oxygen mangambil. The impact you will get a more restful sleep and better health.
  3. Do your hobbies, like fishing, hiking or whatever you like. You can also have an adventure you've never experienced before such as rafting suppose.
  4. Doing activities like this can eliminate the thoughts that cause stress.
  5. Many of the assumption that beer, wine or whiskey can relieve stress. In fact, water was the one who can relieve stress. Research shows that drinking a glass or two glasses of wine can indeed cause us to relax the time, but the after effects of alcohol disappear, stress is likely to wake you up at night. With plenty of drinking water will help restore our bodies from lack of fluids, because the lack of fluids can cause fatigue.
  6. Meditate. Health experts say that a very powerful tool in overcoming stress is meditation. Meditation helps cleanse our mind and improve concentration. It has been proven that meditation for 15 minutes with us to rest for 1 hour. Even if you only do meditation for 2 minutes, it will be quite helpful. Meditation will help you forget the things that can cause stress.
  7. When a person experiences stress, a natural reaction if the person then take it out by eating lots of food. You should know that eating foods containing high carbohydrates can increase insulin levels in the body, where the insulin can make the body become tired quickly and you become a bad mood.
  8. Sex is a very good healing to relieve stress. Many doctors say that sex is a remarkable way in reducing anger and stress.
  9. If the body is tired, not easy for us in controlling stress. Not enough sleep will affect our whole day, and usually we have a bad day because of lack of sleep cause we can not concentrate and see a problem worse than it should. Sleep is good for adults is 7 hours a day.

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Know that every person has the tendency to experience stress in different ways. Actually controlling the stress is not as difficult as dipikikan, is just a matter of how we see things from different angles. Read and follow these tips or techniques to control stress also will help us greatly.

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Herbal Remedies for Depression and Anxiety
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