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Avocado Fruit For Health Benefits

avocado, ofocado fruith, alpukatAvocado fruit is a magical fruit that plays an important role in the world of health or health benefits. Many countries are researching on Avocado Fruit Benefits such as Japan. discover the benefits of an avocado in reducing liver damage, including damage caused by viral hepatitis. Here are some benefits.

  1. Overcome the kidney stones: Drinking water steeping leaves seven avocado with ½ cup hot water every morning and evening.
  2. For back pain: Boil 5 pieces of avocado leaves and 500 cc 250 cc of water to stay warm. Embunkan all night and drink the next day. Perform a week in a row.
  3. For Sprue: Stir a ripe avocado with two tablespoons of honey and eat three times a day.
  4. Smooth skin: Blend the avocado and then smeared evenly for 30 minutes on the face and hands that had been cleaned with warm water

Although her skin is not too perfect than apple or pear and it's cheap, but the avocado is not less 'magic' with other fruit. He was able to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack, because the avocado is the only fruit that is rich in fat, even levels more than twice the fat content in durian.

However, we do not need to fear because the fat avocado including healthy fats, because didominasikan monounsaturated fatty acid oleic that are powerful antioxidants. Fats avocado helps reduce levels of "bad cholesterol" LDL cholesterol while raising "good cholesterol" HDL, thus significantly reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack.

This ability is reinforced by the content of beta-carotene, chlorophyll, vitamin E, and vitamin B-complex is abundant in avocados. Actors are generally less than optimal vegetarians get fat intake, because they never flesh (which is always rich in fat). In addition to expect adequate intake of fat from cooking oil, avocados can be another option to meet the body's need for fat.

Avocado fat is healthy fat, as found in olive oil. Aside from being able to control hypertension, the avocado is also rich in minerals potassium, but low in sodium content. This comparison is encouraging atmosphere in our bodies alkaline.

The reduced acidity of the body (blood and tissue) will suppress the emergence of diseases caused by the condition of the body is too acidic, such as allergies, dizziness, panic, respiratory disorders, digestive disorders. Because the levels of folic acid and vitamin E was also high in potassium avocado is more effective in soaking hypertension and may help expedite the flow of blood.

Different from other fruits, avocados contain almost no starch, a little sugary fruit, but the abundance of cellulose fibers. This factor makes the avocado is recommended as part of the menu to control diabetes. Well the main, avocado was really good for skin and hair.

Iron and copper are abundant substances make avocado important in the formation of red blood cells and prevention of nutritional anemia. Alloys between vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, potassium and avocado make a good manga to maintain healthy skin and hair. With the presence of folic acid and vitamin B, as well as other B vitamins, avocado ideal for stimulating the formation of collagen tissue.

You need to know, that the habit of eating a fresh avocado without cooking is very beneficial because nutrients and compounds fitokimiawinya be kept intact. But still it must be remembered that avocados contain fat that could make growing body weight.

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Avocado Fruit For Health Benefits
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