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Benefits Of Cheese

benefits of cheese, cheese, cheese cakeCheese comes from animal fresh milk cows, buffaloes, goats, or sheep that through some special processing. Fresh milk will be processed and pasteurized milk coagulation, cutting and draining curd (curd), and fermentation and maturation, and final packaging. Yellow or red color on the cheese comes from the addition of substances annato from achiote seeds of fruit trees.

If you eat cheese with wine as an accompanying beverage. Red wines match with cheese eaten cammembert and Emmenthal. Only a white wine that matches all types of cheese, but encouraged the older the cheese, the wine should also be getting old.

Cheese contains calcium, protein, and phosphorus in large quantities because the cheese is a concentrate of milk.
  1. Protein content in 100 grams of cottage cheese type can cover the daily needs of 25%. Complete amino acid profile also includes the type of BCAAs (isoleucine, leucine, and valine) that play a role in the synthesis of protein for building muscle tissue, metabolism of body cells, and bone.
  2. Rich useful riboflavin helps metabolize carbohydrates and maintain healthy mucous membranes.
  3. Rich in vitamin B12 and folic acid are beneficial in the cheese helps DNA synthesis, maturation of red blood cells and maintain nerve function.
  4. Rich in vitamin B6 which helps the metabolism of amino acids and fats, maintain the nervous system and skin health.
  5. Rich in vitamin A are important for the sense of sight, skin, surface tissue, and protection against infection.
  6. Rich in selenium is essential for the synthesis of an antioxidant enzyme.
  7. Rich in phosphorus are useful as a shaper of ATP for energy production, bone and teeth formation, and acid-base balance.
  8. Rich in calcium is important for bone and tooth formation, blood clotting in the wound, maintaining nerve function, muscle, and heart rhythm.
  9. Some studies also show that if consumption of cheese can prevent tooth decay.
  10. Cheese also contains tryptophan, a type of amino acid that is able to relieve stress and calorie and carbohydrate content are also very low making it suitable as a diet food.
But cheese is also rich in saturated fat are not healthy for the body. Is this cheese in saturated fat increases the risk of heart disease is still not proven, even at the highest consumers of cheese in France and even Greece. It is believed drinking red wine by French citizens who had become a factor neutralizing excess calories and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Advised to limit consumption of 57 grams of cheese a week. Or choose a type of cheese / low fat-free or soy or almond cheese.

Of course the cheese can be eaten immediately because there are no special rules. But in Indonesia is generally used as filler cheese burgers and sandwiches, soup or cake mix for example martabak sweet and other pastries. In Italy cheese served as an appetizer, the French present after the main course, while in Britain and America cheese more often served after dessert.

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Benefits Of Cheese
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